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Buying a Walk-In Tub

Seniors aging in place often turn their attention to the bathroom, which is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Walk-in tubs though costly are an excellent investment compared to the much higher costs of an accident or assisted living facility. Like a vehicle, these tubs fit a variety of needs, and options or configurations determine the final price. By the time you’ve gone through this guide, you should feel confident in your ability to find the type of tub you need, select a best walk-in tub company, and answer any questions you might have about buying a walk-in tub that meets your needs.

Top walk in tub tips:
  •  Consider your hot water heater capacity

  •  Plan features based on long-term needs

  • Tips for a Wise Walk-In Tub Buyer:

    A walk-in bathtub is one of the most popular ways to bathe for seniors looking to age in place at home. Not only are they safer than regular bathtubs and walk-in showers, but they can even provide water-massaging joint relief and an easy way for seniors with mobility restrictions to safely bathe. This is especially important for seniors, since falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits for the elderly. And the bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home, with roughly 235,000 people going to the emergency room each year due to injuries in the bathroom. The elderly are particularly at risk, since injuries increase with age and peak at age 85. Around 28 percent of these emergency room visits are due to bathroom injuries

  • Walk-in tubs reduce the risk of bathroom injuries.

  • These tubs remove potential hazards by providing easy entry-exit, non-slip surfaces and a seated position for bathers. It’s no wonder why so many retirees and seniors look to replace their old tub with a new, safe walk-in tub - -often one that’s much nicer than their previous bathtub.

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